26 Giugno 2022

Private label

The idea of developing Private Label projects was born to meet the most peculiar needs of our customers: all those needs that go beyond our brands.

We use our experience and our net of contacts in order to create a unique, custom-made project, able to fulfil our customers’ desires.
Our Private Label projects always have the same starting point: choosing the perfect wine.
Once the wine is chosen, it is necessary to decide the packaging and create the brand’s identity.

This implies the choosing of:
  • The type of bottle that it’s going to be used
    - Weight
    - Colour

  • The preferred closure for the bottle:
    - Cork
    - PVC Capsule
    - Polylaminate Capsule
    - Anonymous or Customized Capsule

  • Screwcap
    - Anonymous or Customized
  • The material, size and style of the label (front and back)
  • Type of case, according to the quantities (12 or 6-packs) and customization






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